Customer Feedback

Below is a list of all the feedback and achievements we have received from our satisfied customers over the years.

" I have tried three times to replace my Titleist driver at the local Titleist fitting days, only to find I still hit my original one further and straighter with the shaft you made for me ages ago!!

Mark - Hemel

Have won two competitions in the space of two weeks, and have driven the ball more consistently and further than ever, 309 yards on the 13th at Collingtree park!!


Six days from getting my clubs, my wife and I won our club’s matrimonial competition on our 23rd attempt.
— Nick, Northampton
Thank you for the clubs you provided Bailey with, they are nothing short of excellent and sold at an amazing price. Thank you so much. Two PGA professional have already commented on how good they are.

Bailey (aged 9) played in a ladies red tee stableford at Overtone Park on Saturday, having only had the clubs for 4 days. She scored 44 points (shot 106) and her handicap was cut from J40.5 to 35.5. Incidentally it was blowing a gale or she might have scored better.

Your clubs make the junior clubs she had, manufactured by one of the top brands, look like toys.

Thank you so much.
— Andy Fairweather
This is a quick email to let you know I had a great round with my new clubs yesterday. The main things were:

- they stopped me trying to hit the ball too hard
- I was hitting everything very straight
- the launch and trajectory were much higher for all clubs than those with the old clubs
- the intermediate wedge worked very well
- your suggested practice swings made a difference
- your suggested use of the lower white tees for the driver worked well
— Alan Saunders
Just to let you know that I shot a 71 (+2) in the second round of our Club Championships yesterday and my handicap is now 5.9. This is my lowest round in about 15 years! We are also into the final or the County Foursomes and my record in our matchplay scratch league was won 7 drew 1 and lost 1. I think we can safely say that the new shafts have made a very positive difference to my game this year!
— Marcus
Just a massive thanks for the excellent advice and changes made following your “audit” of my off the shelf clubs, my swing and my putting style.

Your tips, and the equipment changes you have made have already made a dramatic improvement to my game.
I am hitting much more solid shots with less effort and much greater consistency.

I can also see the benefits of your suggestions for a change of putting style and also use of a much softer ball which remarkably is delivering more distance and greater control on the greens.

Back in the autumn last year I was thinking of giving up Golf as I wasn’t playing well or enjoying the game.

Now because of your wisdom and help I have rediscovered my confidence and motivation for golf and now really look forward to playing.

A massive thank you.
— Ian
A big thanks for transforming an expensive mistake into a worthwhile and enjoyable purchase-namely reshafting my Alpha irons with corrected loft and lie adjustments.

Now the Vega driver. RAD-03 with Aerotech shaft. I initially thought 11.5deg would be too much loft. Your advice proved me wrong and I am now at last hitting the ball much higher.

Finally I do appreciate your attention to detail together with an explanation of the processes involved leading to a most satisfactory result.
— Paul Harris
Since I visited you a few months ago, I have enjoyed golf again.

I ejnjoyed your gentle explanations about the various aspects of my game.

I am now using your suggestions about

1) Smaller tees. I am hitting the sweet spot about 95% of the time, even my miss hits are not as catastrophic as they used to be.

2) The change of shafts in my irons has transformed my game, I am hitting the ball much more crisply

3) My gap wedge is FANTASTIC! I am now deadly from 80 yards in and my chipping around the green means I usually getting up and down from anywhere,

4) My putting is OUT OF THIS!!!! I am sinking anything from 10 foot 98% of the time, and from 20 foot or more a lot more then I used to.

Although I still make three putts now and again, it usually when I loose concentration and forget what you have told me.

My friends have noticed the change in my game and although I wanted to keep it secret I felt it unfair,

You may be seeing some of them soon and I will be expecting a commission!! :-)

Thank you so much.
— Younus Nabi
This is just a note to say thank you for the irons that you made for me. I have now regained confidence in my irons. For the last several years my iron play had been steadily deteriorating but now I am hitting my irons longer and straighter than ever, to the extent that I now prefer my new 5 iron to the 5 hybrid that I was using. The difference between the “off the shelf” irons and the new irons is unbelievable and I am enjoying my golf more than I have done for years. I am looking forward to repeating this process with my Driver and Fairway woods.

Finally, I would like to also say that my putting is beginning to show a
marked improvement thanks to your putting lesson and my new Seemore putter. I can safely say that it is by far the most useful putting lesson that I have ever had - and believe me I have had plenty over years!
— Jim Brennan
We’ve not been in touch since I picked up my clubs some weeks ago now, but it’s never too late to say that I am very happy with the work you did. I’ve not played quite as much as I’d hoped yet, but in two or three rounds I’ve already seen an enormous difference off the tee and with the longer irons. The work you did on my putter has also paid dividends.

I shared my experiences with a friend of mine, Dave Millage, and he was keen to find out more. I’ve copied him into this note so that he can investigate your website and get in touch should he want to.
— Anthony Madigan
Just thought I would drop you an e-mail to give a big thanks for custom fitting my 13 year old sons clubs at the end of last year, and the two wedges he got at christmas was the icing on the cake.

Toms game has progressed considerably since you helped him with club selection. He has been selected as county captain, has won prizes in the UK kids golf and John Letters Golf Factor competitions, he has also won club opens and his home club medals, and he is playing in the champion of champions in Gullan Scotland in June, while his handicap has crept down to 5.7

He has grown slightly so we will be in touch to pop over and have a remeasure and he has also won a putter he would like you to regrip at some point.

I will have to consider getting some clubs made up myself now he is beating me week in week out, if you can’t beat them join them!
— Chris and Tom Forster
Just thought I’d let you know how its going with the driver, WOW! Hit it on the range perfect, took it to the course and was trying way too hard to hit it out of sight.

Finally got my head round letting the club do the job and am being rewarded with longer and straighter drives, my latest reward came a few days ago with an eagle on the 8th at Northants county. Drove the green (279yds) and sunk a 20ft putt (thanks for the tips on that front as well). Next step is replacing the three wood before I run out of fairway? See you soon
— Robin Eastman
On another note, I broke 90 on Saturday for the first time! Shot a 87 and was over the moon (16 over gross for the course). Only 3rd round since I saw you last and the chipping is definitely improving. Still needs some practice of course but I found I’m getting closer to the pin. 31 puts including a 3 putt where I completely misread the green with a 40+ foot first which was miles right and left me a 10 foot second which I only just missed. Was very pleased with myself, now I just need to keep it up and do it consistently.

I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I’d still be in the 100’s if it wasn’t for your advice.
— Scott Questa
About 11 weeks ago i came to you and you added about 1.5 inches to all my irons, spotting very quickly that they were too short and that the grips needed padding out - since then and playing off 13 with a painful back i have come down to 10.8 and won my first medal on Sunday. Thank you.
— Clive Young
Fantastic, I never would have thought that the new shafts would make so much difference,- thanks to your expertese in fitting and selection no doubt…

Yesterday on the first hole, par 4 I drove 250 yards off the tee middle fairway, leaving a 9 iron to within 4 ft of the pin. With a slow green I gave away birdie otherwise, there is more accuracy with all the clubs and consistent tee shots.
— John Brailsford
My new custom fitted irons are excellent, I was a little concerned about adding 1.75inches to all my irons, having played for many years with irons that were too short. I am glad I took your advice, as they worked for me straight away and are continuing to do so.
— Peter Graydon
Just seen the comments page . i first came to you after breaking a four iron , i listened to what you said and was not sure what to think . You then proved to me by custom fitting my irons i would hit the ball better ,, at 19 handy cap in april 2010 to 13.4 in 2010 ,and now 12,8 , why would any body by clubs from a discount store , I will also be across to see you with the woods in august
— Neil Unwin
Trust you are well, still playing well with clubs you made for me (2 senior open wins and now down to 11.6) but I have lost my 9 iron, can you please make me another from the details you keep, when its ready I will come and pick it up, enjoy a cup of tea with you and perhaps give you a laugh with my swing!
— Clifford Watts
Just thought i’d drop you a note on how im doing. I have played a few competitions since first using the irons and my scores have dropped quite a lot. A few weeks ago i played in a strokeplay competition and had a gross 78 off a 15 handicap and now my handicap is now down to 12.5 and still decreasing. I am also playing in a national golf tournament at Tamworth on the 7th of August. The irons are brilliant and have really improved my game and i am striking them very well. I’ll keep you updated with more emails. Speak to you soon.
— Peter Hall
Thank you for building my set of bespoke clubs, they have transformed my game beyond my expectations. From being an also ran to winner is just amazing, at Greetham GC I have been given a sombrero and mask for some reason could it be Par, 2 under and 6 under net have something to do with it! After 5 weeks with them my confidence is growing with every club and my selection is improving each round. Your skills as a club maker are exemplary, the time you spent ensuring that the best grips, shafts and heads to suite me and my game is so much appreciated. I look forward to coming over to sort out the ball element to complete the package. Thank you once again for re-igniting the pleasure and passion for the game of golf for me.
— John Dowding, Greetham Valley Golf Club
Just though i’d drop you a note to say that i am getting on really well with the new infiniti golf xmoi driver. I played today and i shot 80. I also hit about 90% of the fairways and had an average distance of 290 in cold soggy conditions. Hope to hear from you soon
— Peter Hall
As you know all the bats in my bag except “the chief” were/had been through your skilled hands. Then I took the leap of faith and you built me a driver. What can I say? we/you got there in the end and I,ve played six times with “the new chief” and been in the money on five occasions!!!! (straght and an extra 20 yards). Handicap now down to 7 !!

If you are reading this let me tell you that a visit to Designer Golf @ Desborough is to experience the Mecca of custom fitting, in my opinion.
— Peter Lammings
It’s been a couple of weeks now since you measured me up and changed all my shafts, in my vega irons and callaway 5 wood, and altered my cobra driver, i noticed immediate results, but its took a while to get used to the changes, and i shot 75 gross in the weekly medal and won yesterday, and feel a lot more confident with my clubs, even htough they are shorter i am getting more distance as my strike is purer.
— Tony Kidger
How I wish I’d learned of your existence 10 years ago. I’d fallen for the ads of the leading brands and kept on buying and changing a number of clubs which were totally unsuitable for me. For the first time I’m really satisfied with quality products, tailor made for me which provide an opportunity to improve and make the game more enjoyable.
— Keith Bilton
Andrew just a quick line to say thanks for the re-shafting work, on my son Alex’s clubs, you carried out the other week.As you recall he had developed a horrible push to the right, which we thought was an issue with his technique, but turned out to be a problem you diagnosed with his old shafts.

Since getting the clubs home this push to the right has disappeared and he has gained at least 10 yards distance per club. As a result of being longer and straighter he is enjoying his golf even more, as I sensed a bit of frustration creeping in.Also as a result of the work you did on his putter he holed three consecutive putts on the practice green last Saturday all from 15 feet plus.

Suffice to say our visit to your workshop was very worthwhile.
— Alex Huth
I received the new hybrid on Monday, thankyou. I love the shape of it and the shaft length and have been using it all week. I can see that it will be a real help to my game, it is so easy to hit.
— Janet
Thought i’d just drop you a note to say how pleased i am with my new infinity driver. i’ve had it 3 weeks now and played 5 rounds and hit more fairways than in the previous 10!! It looks and sounds fantastic and the connection feels really solid. The Bridgestone RX ball helps as well good distance off the tee and good round the green.
— Howard
Came across your card, and this is to say thank you for the new shafts and the driver. Making some headway now. 19 points on 9 holes.
— Sue Graves
Following phone call this morning just had to e mail to say a big thank you. The shafts are great and the heads “brilliant” in every way.
As you know I have been custom fitted by messers PING, Titelist and Callaway in the past but of course they only deal in their own brand - what you do, not only in shafts, but also in BALLS is in my opinion the best any golfer aspiring to improve their game could avail themselves of. I think it was back in 2004 we first met at Rothwell and with your expertise my handicap has improved by 5 shots.I am so grateful!!
— Peter Lamming
As I indicated yesterday on the telephone Gill is ecstatic at her performance now she is convinced that you have selected the correct ball for her, your software must be more persuasive than I am!!

With her using a ProV1 (at last) we won the Dreamflight Charity tournament ( Patron Sir Cliff Richard, further information at four ball better ball (3/4 handicap) at the prestigious (and tough! when wet) San Lorenzo Golf Course in the Algarve.

What can I say? Only thank you and hope you have many more clients who find their correct balls with your expert help.
— Gill Lamming
Today I played my first game of golf this year and have fallen in love with my driver all over again!! I am so worried that in the future I will not be able to get a replacement that I wondered if you could let me know what it would cost to buy another head like the one I have (12 ½ degree loft} so that I can keep one in reserve. Keith says I can’t have his if anything happens to mine as he likes his too much too!! Also what fairway clubs with square heads are available, preferably ones I can fall in love with? Seems little point in trying to save money nowadays so I might have another little spend!!
— Carol Threadgold
Michael Smith , I have tested out my clubs and so far they have been fantastic!

I recently played againts my friend Tom Cowley who plays off 4. I beat him 4 and 3 and shot 2 over par in an 18 hole matchplay.

The irons have allowed me to hit the ball much straighter and have given me a lower ball flight whilst extending the length i hit the ball.

Also my 3 wood and 5 wood have been the biggest change. Before i had to hit the ball a lot softer, now i can attack the ball and compress it which is increasing my accuracy and length.

Finally, my driver, this so far has been difficult to get used to as i have been using a titleist driver. It has been fairly inconsistant as the ball has mainloy been hooking. However when i correctly strike the ball, it carrys further and straighter. To sort this i have booked a lesson with Tim Rouse as i do not feel very comfortable over the ball.

Overall my clubs have been much more consistant than before.
— Michael Smith
Nicki Watson , I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say that I love my new clubs. I am really getting used to them now and am hitting the ball really well. The irons just sound so different and crisp when I hit them well and I love my hybrid.

I have only played about 7 rounds of golf with them, but 2 of the cards have been kept by the handicap secretary, who is looking at them for general play. I have set myself a goal of 9 for next year and know that I need to put in a bit of practice, but am feeling really good with the clubs.
— Nick Watson
You will be delighted to know that I played a Seniors Stableford Match at Brampton Park Golf Club last Friday morning and used my new-square driver for the very first time, without I might add no practice on the range and promptly hit a 230 yards drive in the A-ONE position and finished the round on 39points off 16 holes, plus 2 blobs.

I only had one poor drive thought-out the whole round and that was my fault and not the fault of the club, overall I was delighted with the results of my first outing with this new club and I believe my investment has already made me a very happy golfer and feel that my handy-cap will come down sooner rather than later, once I get into gear with regular practice.
— Tony Hayme
First may I say that since you re-shafted all my clubs my handicap has come down by 3 shots and I feel there is more to come.
There are three points I would like to make. When I visited you I fully expected to be “sold to” and expected to be told to change my club heads as well as the shafts. This was not the case and your advice was clear and knowledgeable. My accuracy in terms of straight shots has increased significantly using the Nippon shafts and and I can now hit (occaisionally) my MacGregor NVG2 three wood 200 yards and straight. My previous best being 180 yards. You were right about the consistency from irons to fairway woods by replacing the wood’s graphite shaft with steel from Nippon. I can now use my 3 iron which I could not hit before!

Finally the Karakal grips (which I had never previously heard of) have been commented on by many category one golfers at my club.
I look forward to reducing my scores even further and I am sure you will be contacted by some Eaglescliffe Golf Club members who have been impressed by the work you did.
— Brendan
Thanks for your work on getting my clubs reshafted. I had a great first round in Poland -4 but made a few mistakes in the second round to finish level overall to miss the cut by 1.

On to this week up in Manchester, the clubs feel great.
— Matt
About three weeks ago I consulted you on a new driver. After a session on your launch monitor, finding a few good features and many failings,you built me a club. It was well built from the spec from the launch monitor, but after trials I was not comfortable with it. After discussions you decided to make some changes in a new club. I have now used this club, on the range and out on the course. It fits me perfectly in all aspects required to make good repetitive shots. I know I will enjoy taking it out of the bag. Thank you for giving me the benefit of your expertise and your excellent customer service. I commend you to all who want to make the best of their ability
— Norman Atkins
I just wanted to thank you for your support in getting my golf clubs perfectly fitted. As you may recall, I came to you wanting a higher flighted shot with the irons to cope with the firmer greens found on the European Tour and Challenge Tour. As you suggested, the Nippon range of shafts, particularly the Nippon 950GH S flex, have been really effective.

I used the clubs recently when playing in the Leicestershire Pro-am tournament at Kilworth Springs and won, shooting a -4 68 and was really pleased with my performance.
— Matthew Cort
Just thought I would drop you a line about my custom built clubs. You switched me from graphite to steel shafts and standardised all the shafts in my clubs except for the driver and putter. You fitted me for irons from sandwedge to five iron including a gap wedge and also built a 4 hybrid club. You lengthened the shafts by half an inch which surprised me given that I am of average height around 5 ft 10 inches and my old irons were standard length. These changes have made a big difference. I am getting a much higher trajectory and greater distance. The balls landing on the green from a height and stopping quickly. Interestingly the new clubs are actually lighter than my old shorter graphite clubs (on the scales). I shot 81 on a very cold windy day at New Year my best score for a few years and only my second round with the new clubs. The hybrid is taking a while to get used to and I am considering going for a 3 and 4 iron instead as my confidence in my irons is so much better. I would also like to be fitted for a five wood and will be in touch soon (birthday in Feb). I was also interested that you suggested playing the driver from the middle of the stance. Everything else I have read suggests playing the ball much further forward. Could you explain the rationale again? Also when to use the gap wedge around the green?
— Matt Bunn
I have purchased a brand new set of TaylorMade graphite (OS) golf clubs as suggested by a golf Pro!. It took me almost a year to get used to them and happily I managed to lower my handicap score to 22.5. I was then introduced to custom fittings in order to enhance my Handicap score and therefore had my clubs altered to suit my body built. Things started to go slightly wrong and I felt some discomfort. My handicap stayed between 23 / 22.5. I got to know about Designer Golf (Custom Built) through my friend Michael, who happened to be golf pro at Airlinks golf club. I paid a visit to Designer Golf and spent the entire day assessing my body posture, putting style, chipping and swing mechanics with the help of the launch monitor. I was given a so-called ideal demo clubs to use. They felt great and the outcome was promising. This time I was suggested to use steel shafts as opposed to graphite, which I have never ever used before in my life.
Mr. Andrew Ash said to me that, without changing my game, I’d shoot 18 over, just by using these clubs.

Guess what:
My first challenge without trying the clubs out was that I shot 89 and my second one was 85.
I was roasted by my friends and was given the title “Bandit”.
I strongly recommend custom built as opposed to custom fit and suggest to have them built at Designer Golf.
— Tommy Greenford, Middlesex
Just thought I would let you know that the 5 wood you made for me recently has really transformed my game. Instead of dreading the long fairway shots I actually look forward to playing them now. If the new driver I`ve ordered performs as well as the irons and 5 wood you`ve made for me I`m going to end up a better player than I ever thought I could.

— Steve Hill, Bury
Just a quickie really. I wanted to let you know about my progress since my club fitting with you in June this year. Having taken on board your comments to not play for 2 weeks after fitting - i.e. to “club” myself - the first ball I hit with them was in a midweek medal ! (time constraints and all that..) Anyway, I played to my handicap, despite a few iffy shots and managed to get it round.

Since then, all I can say is the improvement has been phenomenal. Again, due to time constraints, I’ve had to find my new distances on the course, but once I got used to the clubs, convinced myself that I don’t need to muller the ball any more, my distance and accuracy has improved by a massive degree. Although I had got down to 12, I wasn’t playing to it and hadn’t for about 4 or 5 years. Now I have had a medal win (80, nett 68) and a couple of 3rds and 4ths. Plus a couple of general play 78’s and a front nine 36, it adds up to 7 or 8 rounds comfortably on or below handicap..(down to 11.5 from 11.9) My biggest surprise is the massive distance increase. 7 irons are now flying 160-165 yards. I’m now hitting wedges from where I was previously hitting eight irons (everything you said, really!). My golf colleagues can’t believe the difference and it all adds up to greater confidence. You wouldn’t believe how many greens I flew long in first 3-4 weeks until I learned to trust the clubs..

Many thanks again, you’ve helped a tired, fed up golfer get a real buzz from the game again.
— Peter Hartley
Just thought i would tell you that after you changed my putter slightly with all the other changes i won the singles match play final at wellingborough. I putted brilliant. i birdied holes 2,5,7,8,12 and 14

Again i hope the good golf continues
— Shaun, Wellingborough
Just sending you this email so you can post it on the website. As i said when i popped up today since i had my irons re shafted and driver changed completely to a new one designed by yourself i have reduced my handicap to 1.
I played in the NGU open and shot 71 1 under and 72 level par.

Hopefully my good golf will continue till the end of the year.
— Shaun