Hiskei - Premium Japanese Graphite Golf Shafts

Hiskei manufacture a full range of graphite golf shafts, for both woods, hybrids and irons, and are our No 1 choice. although we can source any shaft you have a preference for.

An example is the AT-50 Superlight shaft for woods, which has the same shaft profile and is manufactured using the same premium Japanese materials used in shafts costing £200.00 plus, but because Hiskei is exclusive to Designer Golf in the UK, there are no middlemen margins, which means that this superb range of shafts are more realistically priced at just £86 including grip.

Weighing only 46 grams, the softer flexes when combined with the lighter Hiskei driver heads, will produce higher clubhead speeds and trajectory for those with slower swing speeds, where the harder flexes will provide far greater accuracy and less “toe down”, with a more penetrating trajectory for those with higher clubhead speeds.

The low torque, premium 40/46 ton carbon fibre greatly reduces shaft distortion during the swing, giving greater control while still maintaining a very smooth feel, elusive in most lightweight graphite shafts.

Although we believe that Hiskei shafts will out perform many of the better known brands we can supply and fit  any shaft you have a preference for.