BioMatch at Designer Golf

Designer Golf is pleased to be appointed as the UK and European main distributor for the BioMatch system, if you want to play more accurate golf then BioMatch is for you..

BioMatch offers effortless improvement to any golfer's game by matching the golf clubs within the set and to the biomechanics of the golfer.  Thereby taking back the accuracy and distance that Swingweight matched golf clubs are robbing you of.  The revolutionary system is applied to any golfer´s clubs, old or new!
A patented online application creates a model of the golfer swinging each of his or her clubs and thereby determines the optimum weight for each club.  The target weight is achieved by adding a specific proprietary weight inside the shaft at the grip end of each club.  BioMatch is the last step in the club fitting process. 

Once the weights are installed the golfer´s game will improve effortlessly as he or she now only have to ingrain one swing in the subconscious mind.  Steering of the club is no longer necessary and is discouraged.  The method provides significantly better accuracy and slightly more distance to golfers at all levels.  BioMatch is a must have for any golfer who cares about their scores, or even the enjoyment of the game.

I have personally fitted over 600 golfers with the BioMatch system from Tour Pro’S to an 85 year old client all of which have seen significant shot accuracy improvements. See Screenshots Below

 BioMatch- an explanation



Up to now as club makers we  have been swingweighting clients clubs so that the golfer has a consistent 'feel', after experiencing the results with the BioMatch system in my opinion the Swing weighting of clubs will be confined to history. The results of BioMatching speak for themselves, if you want improved shot accuracy with an improvement in distance then BioMatching is the final step in finding the swing and consistency you've always wanted.
Below is a selection of screen shots showing the results of BioMatching, they show golfers hitting 5 or more shots and the dispersion measured in Square yards, the clubs are then BioMatched and another 5 shots taken.


The screenshots in the gallery above show the dispersion improvements with BioMatch, Sam Buss is a Tour professional who tested BioMatch and whilst his first dispersion was fairly tight, BioMatch improved his accuracy on his 7 iron by 74%! The other screenshots are of club golfers all who saw a dramatic improvement in their ball striking and accuracy.

The last screen shot shows my first ever BioMatch client Neil, and a subsequent gapping exercise a few months after, it’s no wonder his handicap has dropped significantly!

BioMatch Fitting

Biomatching involves having all clubs weighed, loft and lie taken and length measured, each club is then accurately measured on a MOIG machine, finally we input your own Biometric measurements, height, Weight and BMI into our patented system that uses a unique algorithm to generate the weighting required for each and every club.

For more information or to be fitted for the Biomatch system please contact Steve at Designer Golf Ltd on 01327 877922 or 07811 065072