Golf Putting Lessons

Every golfer can putt.  Yes that is a true statement, but in reality not many golfers could be classed as good putters, and that includes tour professionals.

But let's be clear, when we play golf we actually play two separate games, both involving a swing mechanism, but NOT the same swing mechanism. If we take an average golfer, putting will  account for about 45% of the total score, whereas a driver only accounts for perhaps 15%. But remember that a 300 yard drive is the same as a 3 foot putt: they both count as one shot.

The mechanics that make up a good putter will not stand up well on the tee. Likewise a player with a beautiful and effective swing with a driver will not necessarily be a good putter. The mechanics do not cross over, because the requirements are different. If you look at the All Time Best Ball-Strikers and the All Time Best Putters the lists are as follows, but what is interesting is that no single name appears in both lists, even though they all won a lot of titles along the way:

Best All Time Ball Strikers
Moe Norman, Ben Hogan, Lee Trevino, Tom Weiskopf, Tom Purtzer, Johnny Miller, Tiger Woods

Best All Time Putters
George Archer, Ben Crenshaw, Dave Stockton, Loren Roberts, Bob Charles, Brad Faxon, Greg Norman

So having studied the subject over a number of years, I have concluded that the basics are very simple and consist of only three elements. The more complex you make it theless repeatable it is and the simpler you make it the more repeatable it is.

Most golfers suffer from poor alignment, which when coupled with a bad putting action, can only result in too many missed putts. There is very little point in reaching the green on a 450 yard par 4 in two, only to leave the green with a five or a six on your card.

Our putting lessons will teach you the basic three elements and how to repeat them, so that the part of your game that you may have come to dread, will become enjoyable and, more importantly, will make practising more enjoyable, which in turn will make your putting stroke more repetitive, lowering your scores and handicap in the process.

The initial one hour lesson costs £65.00 and includes a full putter fitting session and any changes to your putter that may be necessary. You will also be supplied with a 'Tru-putt' putting rail (normally £37.50) for ongoing practice, indoors or out.

Follow up lessons are charged at £15.00 per half hour, or £25.00 per hour. To book a lesson simply call Steve on 01327 877922 or email us