Golf Ball Fitting

Over recent years the options golfers have in their choice of ball has grown dramatically. Gone are the days when the choice was simply a hard cover two piece ball for distance, or a soft cover wound ball for feel and spin.

A quick count shows that there are over 100 types of ball currently available, from a growing variety of brands. Callaway, Hogan, Titleist, Top Flight, Nike, Wilson, Bridgestone, Slazenger, Dunlop, Maxfli, Pinnacle, Precept and Srixon. All with multiple options to choose.
With all these options available, how is the average golfer, or pro for that matter, supposed to know exactly which ball is best for their individual game. Until now selection was usually based on brand awareness and/or price, with the player normally unaware of any differences in performance and feel. A player may do his/her own personal testing to come to a somewhat educated decision, but even then that decision was based on a perception of performance and not on any scientific data.

Most Amateur golfers use multiple types and makes of golf balls sometimes even in the same round, most can't understand why their consistency and 'feel' disappears around, and on the green at the vital scoring part of the game, fundamentally chipping is affected the swing may be similar but the ball's reaction may not, and as for putting, having a ball that reacts off the putter face and feels the same on every stroke is paramount.

At Designer Golf we can assist you in finding the right golf ball for your ball striking utilising data collected from both Flightscope and the latest putting equipment to ensure the ball you play works for you.