Hiskei AX203

 Hiskei - Are an unmistakeable Japanese made iron, the look,  sound, and the feel of forged Japanese steel is unsurpassed.

The AX203 has an Innovative design, the finest craftmanship, and a luxurious finish - that's Hiskei golf.

The Hiskei AX-203 Forged irons are precision forged from super soft 1020 carbon steel with a deeper cavity than the previous models model for increased forgiveness on off centre hits. With more weight placed lower and deeper in the cavity of the head the centre of gravity is lowered and ball trajectory off the club face increased

As per other super premium Japanese forged irons Hiskei are Stamped 4 to 5 times to remove imperfections in the steel and produce a super soft feeling forged iron.

Hiskei Wedge


HK1 Wedge

Super Soft 8060 forged carbon steel head for exact feed back the V shape lowers the centre of gravity and the center of gravity and Increasing the MOI the V shape on the muscle also provides stability.

This is a superb wedge for those players that love a soft feeling wedge with excellent spin control.