Grindworks is created upon a foundation of creative people, quality materials and top notch manufacturing.



The grindworks MB-1 FORGED is a small muscle back iron designed for players who appreciate beautiful lines and soft feel. Control, stability and accuracy are all strong points of this precision forged S20C iron.

At Grindworks we believe, an iron isn’t only about beauty but all about functional beauty. We designed the MB-1 Forged with smooth curved lines in mind. These flowing curves are not only intended to provide a beautiful visual appearance but also allowed us to create a progressive flow of the center of gravity, increasing all around performance and usability. The curved and stepped design of the MB1-FORGED allows us to gradually move the center of gravity from lower to higher as the irons progress from long to short, a  feature we have dubbed Dynamic Gravity Progression.

Dynamic Gravity Progression makes the long irons more forgiving and easier to launch and hit for distance thanks to the lower CG placement. The mid irons see the CG gradually shift higher thanks to a calculated change in the size and position of muscle back’s curves. The mid irons produce an all around trajectory with balanced distance and accuracy. The short irons see the CG shifted away from the sole and higher in the head which create a more penetrating trajectory aimed right at the pin for optimal accuracy and control.



The grindworks CB-1 FORGED is a smallish cavity back iron designed for players who want a great feeling all around iron. This precision forged S20C one piece cavity will appeal to better players who want control and workability as well as better golfers who don’t mind a bit of forgiveness as well.

Like the MB1-Forged, we wanted the CB1-Forged to feature softer lines and smoother curves. We believe these type of lines have a better visual effect on the golfer not only at address but also when looking at an iron in general. While we believe in the saying “simple is best” we still wanted to implement functional design that would still make the iron unique and help it perform optimally.

We implemented a feature we call Horizontal CG Flow which sees the CG change progressively across the set in a horizontal direction. HCF sees a cutaway toe, and more weight towards the heel, allowing the 4, 5, and 6 irons to rotate square faster, helping golfers square to the ball more consistently for better impact and more distance. The 7 iron has neutral weighting while the 8, 9 and PW see progressively more heel relief allowing for more control and workability for attacking the pin. The Grindworks CB-1 FORGED is the forgiving all around cavity back with great feel.


Dual Pocket-2

Who doesn’t want more distance and forgiveness? When designing the grindworks Forged Dual Pocket Iron we wanted an iron that not only produced automatic big distance, but one that also looked great and felt great.  A pocket cavity is always a challenge when it comes to sound and feel due to how an undercut alters the sound at impact, however we had no doubt our design would use a pocket for more forgiveness and more distance, in fact we decided on double the pocket.

With a deep undercut cavity on the sole side of the iron as well as a secondary pocket along the top line we created a design that would increase the spring effect of the iron face for more ball speeds at impact and a much bigger sweet spot.  The cavity is most deep in the long irons progressing to less depth in the short irons. This helps long and mid irons produce an easy high launch for more distance while shorter irons are easier to aim and score.

We decided that a mid sized distance iron doesn’t have to look bulky and huge so we kept the head reasonably small with some offset to help square the face. The Dual Pocket Iron is a multi piece iron with forged S20C body matched with a specially developed new forged K301 Hi Velocity Forged face. Automatic distance, huge forgiveness, great feel and looks!