Custom Golf Club Fitting Centre

The workshop and fitting studio is now based in Daventry Northamptonshire just a short drive from Junction 16, the facility includes a digital hitting screen, putting area and fully equipped workshop to carry our all types of repair and custom club building.

What makes us number one when it comes to custom fitting? we utilise the Flightscope launch monitor, providing us with extremely accurate information on the following factors throughout the golf swing, clubhead speed, tempo time, face angle at impact, angle of attack, launch angle, ball spin and side spin, together with carry distance and projected total distance. We also utilise the Versus Golf driver fitting system, where we use 460cc driver heads of different lofts with a large number of interchangeable shafts, making certain that the driver we make for you has the correct dynamic loft and shaft combination to give you optimum distance and control, with iron and shaft fitting following the same procedure.

Along with Flightscope Launch Monitor we have now installed Explanar which replicates the perfect swing plane, allowing us to rectify any swing faults that you may have. The weighted roller stretches, trains and builds the muscles specifically used in the golf swing, creating “motor-skill” change - often erroneously referred to as muscle memory,  Explanar builds a truly repeatable swing that will deliver more power and far greater accuracy. This coupled with our state of the art workshop facility, we carry out all of our custom builds, custom fitting and repairs on the premises. WE SEND NOTHING AWAY, making us without doubt The Midland’s premier Golf Club Fitting and Repair Centre.

A fitting session will cost £65 plus VAT which is refunded to you when you purchase either a set of clubs or shafts.

In all instances however it is necessary to ring for an appointment on 01327 877922`and ask for Steve Low.