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Are golf grips that important? Read on to find out how important they really are.

Golf Grips

Grips come in a variety of colours, patterns, materials, textures, weights and sizes and as this is your only point of contact with the club, it is vitally important that this particular component both fits your hand correctly and additionally "feels" right.

The size is the most important aspect, too big or too small and it will encourage you to hook or to slice through the hands not releasing at the right time, but equally the hands and forearm muscles need to be relaxed, not only to improve the swing but additionally to reduce the possibility of getting golfers elbow.

Golfers elbow, or to use its proper name, medial epicondylitis, is a very painful condition affecting the inside of the elbow and results from overuse of arm and forearm muscles. In the case of a golfer this is normally caused by gripping the club too tightly.

Try this little test next time you grip your club. Using your left hand only (assuming that you are right handed) grip the club as you normally would and with your free hand, feel the upper muscle in your forearm. It should be relaxed and soft allowing you to grip the club as though it was a brand new tube of toothpaste. You should be able to remove the cap and hit the ball without squeezing any out.
If the muscle feels hard, get your grips checked for correct sizing by a qualified club fitter, but NOT the person who sold you the clubs. If they were in any way professional, they should have checked your hand size in the first place.
You will all know the secure feeling you get when you have new grips fitted and it is important that they always feel the same, but unfortunately the majority of golfers neither change their grips on a regular basis, nor even clean them. The result is that they become hard and shiny and do not then perform as they are intended to. For most golfers, new grips should be fitted at least once a year and between times they should be kept clean.
Feel is also very important, but also very personal. The choice of material and texture should always rest with the individual and we always have a good selection available.

Our choice when it really matters.

Our choice when it really matters.