Why Custom Built Golf Clubs?

One question that I am frequently asked by visitors to the workshop/studio plus our social media channels is "Will Custom Built Golf Clubs improve the way I play". absolutely, in my opinion I believe the term'Custom Fitting' should be replaced by 'game improvement'. but what exactly is Custom Fitting ?

 Well let me start by telling you what it isn’t.

 Over the past two or three years every Pro Shop and High Street golf retailer has become a “Custom Fitting Centre”, with the likes of Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Mizuno and Ping all offering this facility and with many of the fitting centres having little or scant knowledge of shaft technology, which for us here at Designer Golf just happens to be the most important component in a golf club. 

The problem of course, as many golfers have found out to their cost, is that the brand of “Custom Fitting” offered by these OEM’s (which incidentally stands for Own Exclusive Manufacture, although none of them actually manufacture anything any longer) does not always provide you with what you thought you had purchased.  The reason for this is that the club/clubs you thought you were being “custom fitted” for and were being made specifically for you, were of course already manufactured and assembled in China, or in the case of Titleist, Vietnam.

 So the best you can hope for is half an inch longer, standard or half an inch shorter, with a standard grip and a shaft flex which, if you are lucky, is close to what it should be! A recent MyGolfSpy report estimated that at least 50% of Golfers that had been custom fitted were still playing with the wrong shaft?

And is it any wonder when you consider the amount of Shaft flexes available, we calculated that at one time there were more than 2000 different variations of 'R' Flex alone in an industry where there is no certified standard. Incidentally shaft designatory values have for many years beenL, A, R, S and XS, standing for Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff and Extra Stiff and then recently these same OEM’s have “invented” new designatory letters. Ping came out with SR, which to them is Soft Regular and replaced the traditional A, Why ? TaylorMade introduced M which is apparently the same as Ping SR. What was wrong with A ?  However you then have to factor in the weight of the shaft and the torque value. It now starts to get very complicated.

-This is NOT Custom Fitting, not in our eyes!


So what is Custom Fitting ?

  For me the main reason for being custom fitted is to improve the way you play and the only way to be correctly custom fitted, is to visit a professional clubmaker/fitter, as we have here Designer Golf, we start with a blank canvas. firstly we will take note of the necessary static measurements to assess correct club length and grip size ( If you visit us for a BioMatch fitting we even take your weight and BMI), secondly, we look at your swing to see how that will affect club impact  and then finally, based on good launch monitor information and our thorough knowledge of shaft technology, we will custom build a club specifically for you, matched to your physical attributes and swing dynamics so you have clubs that'FIT' you perfectly, not an industry average.

 If you visit us for a driver fitting the combination of loft, shaft flex and weight is extremely important as is correct spine alignment of the shaft, if you want any chance of bringing the club face in square at impact. which is not something you will get from you latest acquisition from Callaway, Taylormade, Titleist or Ping etc. and don't be surprised that the moveable driver that you recently bought doesn’t work as it should no matter what position you put it in, simple reason and contrary to the excellent marketing, it IS NOT possible to adjust loft on adjustable drivers, Tom Wishon the respected club head maker proved this some years ago! and indeed if the shaft is correctly spine aligned, as it would be at Designer Golf, any adjustment would negate this vitally important element and the shaft would not perform as it should.

 You see Custom fitting is also to take time to explain to you what is being proposed and the rationale behind it so that you as a client have a far better understanding of what the club is trying to do when you apply your swing to it. We will also work with you to 'fine tune' your club/s not just sell you a set and say see you in 3 years.

 Finally ask yourself “ Did Rory McIlroy, who now uses Taylormade driver and irons,  get“custom fitted” at his local Fitting Centre, no of course not he had access to his own Tour fitter, and with Designer Golf you have that same level of access but at a fraction of the cost.

Designer Golf- Tour quality fitting for the Amateur Golfer.

Are Custom Built Golf Clubs more expensive?

You would expect the answer to be a resounding yes, naturally with a bespoke service comes the associated increase in cost, however you may be surprised to find that it is fact in line with what you would pay from a high street fitting centre or discount store and in some instances somewhat cheaper. At Designer Golf we decided at the outset that it should be possible to make custom built clubs available to everyone, not simply better players, or those who believe that simply paying the highest price must provide them with the best clubs.

We utilise the very best Japanese forging for heads and the most consistent Japanese manufactured shafts, found by experience in testing different combinations over the last 30 years of business, Brands such as Hiskei, that are huge in Japan and the rest of the far east, along with Yonex and Alpha, the choice of long drive champions everywhere.

So book your fitting with Designer Golf and receive the fitting experience the Pro's get.
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