Tour Quality Golf Club Fitting for the Amateur Golfer


Custom Fit & Custom Built golf clubs are the best way to improve your game and lower your handicap!


There are immense benefits in having clubs that are Custom Fit and Custom built precisely to both your stature and your club swing characteristics.


Designer Golf was created by Andrew Ash one of the United kingdom's longest established clubmakers and clubfitters. He set up the business in the UK after seeing how successful independent clubmakers were in the USA, where the market is dominated by discount stores, mail order and clubmakers.

The business has been passed onto Steve Low, a long time customer of Andrew's, Steve is a fanatical golfer with a background in Mechanical and Aeronautical engineering and was the ideal choice to take over the business. Steve spent over a year working alongside Andrew learning the skills necessary to ensure that Designer Golf remains the midlands premier club making, fitting and repair centre.

Designer golf operates from a fully computerised Fitting Studio and Workshop, and is ideally situated geographically, just a 10 minute drive from Junction 16 on the M1. Our clients range from Tour Professionals to beginners, covering men, women and juniors, with everyone receiving the same attention to detail, irrespective of their playing ability. Currently we have in excess of 5000 players using our clubs, throughout Europe and as far afield as the USA and Australia.

Designer Golf also provides internationally renowned club making courses with delegates coming from all part of the globe to learn the art of club making, this is what sets Designer Golf apart from its competitors. As Steve Low explained "we're not just a fitting centre, as we don't send off to the manufacturer for your golf clubs once measured, everything is built on-site, to your exact measurements and we work with the golfer to improve their game"

When it comes to custom fitting we pride ourselves in offering exceptional value for money, without lowering our high quality standards, we are the European distributors for Japanese golf club manufacturer Hiskei,  Designer Golf also represent Yonex, as a club making centre along with Grindworks to top out the trio of quality Japanese head and shaft manufacturers.
Designer Golf utilise respected brands such as Aplha, and source other bespoke products directly from originating foundries, making it possible to control costs and quality standards and give the golfer clubs to rival Brands such as Taylormade, Ping, Titleist and Calloway.

But what really sets Designer Golf apart from it's competitors is BioMatch - the revolutionary One Swing club matching system which can be carried out for both NEW andEXISTING sets of golf clubs, the golfer does not necessarily have to purchase the latest offering from the large OEM's, Designer Golf can make the existing set on average 45 - 65% more accurate, how many OEM's can offer that and back it up?

Fitting Studio.JPG
I have tried three times to replace my Titleist driver at the local Titleist fitting days, only to find I still hit my original one further and straighter with the shaft you made for me ages ago!!
— Mark, Hemel
Have won two competitions in the space of two weeks, and have driven the ball more consistently and further than ever, 309 yards on the 13th at Collingtree park!!
— Iain, Collingtree Park
Because of you I am now playing so confidently and as keen now as I ever have been. I practice most days, particularly around and on the greens
— John Higginbottom
My handicap has now come down from 27 to 20 in four weeks. So needless to say I will be visiting you early next year for a new set of irons.
— Tony Phipps
Hi Steve
Just a quick email to let you know won my first golf tournament in years yesterday.
The difference in shot accuracy is incredible with every club, so impressed with the Bio Match it’s amazing!